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Heavy Haulage in Brisbane: Call in The Transport Professionals

Some things you should leave to professionals. For many companies, that includes heavy haulage in the Brisbane area. Rather than buying your own large transport truck and hiring drivers – an expensive and cumbersome process – it’s often more feasible to hire out for the service as needed. Most companies don’t need such transport on a regular basis, or for very long. Some just don’t want the hassle, expense, or long-term upkeep of such complex vehicles. That’s where Tranz Logistics P/L comes in. We focus solely on heavy haulage and logistics and are fully compliant with the National Code of Practice. We have a depth and breadth of experience that makes us the logical choice for your heavy haulage needs in Brisbane.

Wet vs. Dry Hire in Heavy Transport in Brisbane: The Choice Is Yours

For companies needing regular heavy transport in Brisbane, but who don’t want the capital expenditure that comes with it, a dry hire situation may be the best alternative. Dry hire involves rental of just the equipment needed – crane trucks, tilt tray trucks, etc. You then hire and employ the driver of the truck much like any other situation. Dry hire gives your company more control over the factors involved in personnel choice, while still avoiding the depth of commitment that purchasing a large transport vehicle requires. Tranz Logistics P/L is proud to be the area’s premier resource for wet or dry heavy transport hire in Brisbane. We even provide field servicing for our vehicles, a protection that is a must in today’s transportation industry.

Short-term and long-term hire is available, just let us know your requirements. Whether you choose to use our drivers or not, you’ll get the same high-level customer service all our customers have come to expect. That’s why we see the same clients come back, year after year, project after project. They know that we devote ourselves to excellence in transportation and that we aim to be the best. You won’t find a more dedicated, responsive company for your heavy transport needs.

Full Spectrum of Services

As an industry leader, Tranz Logistics P/L takes heavy haulage transport in Brisbane very seriously. From our driver hiring process through project completion, we gear every aspect of our business towards providing an unparalleled level of service to our clients, a safe and rewarding environment for our employees, and added value to our shareholders. We assist clients with heavy transport needs in mining, construction, and oil and gas, and our warehouse and distribution services are designed to meet the same high standards as the rest of our services. With a large selection of transport trucks, we are sure to have one that can handle any job. Please look at our sales catalogue for an overview of our services, or just place a call to our team on 1300 876 377.

Tranz Logistics P/L is the first choice for heavy transport throughout Australia. We provide end-to-end solutions for all your transportation requirements.